The Wheel Straightening Process

How do we straighten a bent rim? Well it can be for sure more complex than just pounding the damaged area out with a hammer.  Back in the old days when most rims where steel this wasn’t a bad practice.  You could heat that steel wheel up and then pound out the damage.  But these days with modern wheels being mostly alloy or aluminum this method can damage your rims beyond repair.  It can leave dent and dings in your wheel cosmetically that will be difficult to remove.  Your wheel can also crack.  The bent rim straightening business has become a lot more sophisticated in the last decade with these newer style wheels.  You have to find a company that has one of these more advanced machines to fix your rim.

before wheel straightening happened

The first step in straightening these bent rims now is to take off the tire.  Because in the process you have to heat up the bent area with a torch it would damage the tire.  After that the wheels is connected to a machine that you can spin the wheel on which helps in making the wheel true again.  Sometimes the bent spot is not even visible to the eye so this step is crucial to making sure the wheel is indeed back to true round.  The machines are equipped with sophisticated measuring devices that can make sure your wheel is back to round again.

So in conclusion if you have a bent rim please make sure that you take your rim to a professional facility to perform the repairs.  You want to always make sure yourself and your family are safe on the road.  If you have your rims repaired and its not done right then it could be unsafe for you and others around you.  You never want to take the cheap backyard mechanic way of fixing structural damage to your wheels.

before after photo of a bent rim and then after fixed

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